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one day at a time

Wow it's been a while! Ive been meaning to update this thing for sometime now, but you know me, i get all busy and hysterical!

Since my last post I think I mentioned how I would start seeing a therapist. Well that has turned out to be one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. I am now coming to the grips of understanding me a little more, and Im starting to like myself... not at the love stage yet, but i like myself.

The medication is going well, Im just afriad of being dependent of them.. a went a few days without out it and I was an emotional mess.But that's a whole nother story..

School is full swing, and its going pretty well. I recently applied for graduation which I am totally psyched about! But I still have a 2 more years At Maryland.. Im even thinking about going to get my Masters Degree or maybe Law School... Matlock watch out!

OHH OHHH Paul bought me a puppy.. a cute little maltipoo (maltese/pomerian) named snowflake

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well I keep telling Autumn its for her,( who by the way turned 5 two weeks ago) but really its my about a wonderful valentines day present hehe. Speaking of valentines day, my momma got married! Imagine that! Big Purple is hitched! Lord help David hehe. But its cool to have a pappy, at the same time its strange, ive been fatherless for so long it feeels so wierd.

pauls good, he's trying to coax me into having another offspring, but i think Ill hold tight on my eggs hehe. besides, were in the process of homebuying and I just want to take things oneday at a time.

one day at a time..thats a new concept for me.
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