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These are the things I can do without.... I just want to let it go

Ive been holding this in for a few days, and I just need to shout and get off my chest and out of my life...for good!

Turns out the guy who molested me for most of my childhood life died in prison last summer. For some reason I feel releived. Somewhat like now I know for good that he can never hurt anyone ever again. Then I started wondering if he died a horrible death like he deserved, and if thought about if he was ever remorseful about how he pratically ruined my life and stole my spirit for me. Lords Ive been trying to get my spirit back, but every now and then, that sad little girl creeps out and I feel like Im 5 years old all over again with no one to run or talk to. I know you reap what you sowe but still ...

Im trying to let it go...

I just want to let it go
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