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This battle is not yours...

Life has been tough for me lately.. But I am working on getting better.

But I do have some happy news. I found out this morning that I got accepted to the University of Maryland.. Im going to go to University College starting this summer. So im really happy about this. I truely bad. No matter how bad my life may seem to outsiders, and even to myself. I always overcome my adversity and everything is going to be ok. Im moving foward and trying my best to live life and be thankful for it...regardless if it turned out the way I wanted it to... Im beginning to realize that its not about me, and this battle really isnt mine.. But thats a whole 'nother discussion, that Im sure you guys arent ready for. *(((heheh im getting Jesusfied lol))*

Anyway. its my very very unbirthday!
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