sher (lustdol) wrote,

Ms. Independent & Stay at Home Moms

Apparently I am too independent, and I should live and breathe for my husband....

Sorry folks, I love my hubby, but since when hav I ever been one to lay up under a man and depend on him for support? what year is it.. 2006, shoot I am the backbone of my family! and no Im not one of the sad sorry ass women who depends on her hubby, and then is surprised when he leaves her ass 5 yrs doen the road with 20 billion nappyheaded bad ass babies..

Nope not me!

In other news, I started my own business ( again, Im too independent) its called Pretty Little Papers, Its a stationary business, specializing in handmade papercrafts including, invitations, announcements and so on.

Also finally Im graduating on May 25th..with with a 3.2 aveage.. I believe thats with honors? Go me!

Also, have a mentioned my complete disgust for stay at home moms that dont do crap all day...spare me, the its better for the child psycho bull $#@! cause really your ass should be contributing to the economy like me... If YAN can cook, so Can you! ( check it out on PBS)

In addition my child inquired about where babies came from the convo went like this:

Autumn: Mommy how do babies get in your belly

Me: Well, When your older, God decides that you've been good and puts a baby in there

Autumn: When Im a teenager mommy?

Me: *loud voice* NO!!!!!, when your married!

Who knew that i would have to have that talk so soon... kids these days... My child also mentioned to me that she wanted to be the following : a vet, a astronaunt and a mommy... and I said she couldnt be all in one. And my lovely child told me " But your more than one thing mommy, your my mommy, my friend and you work and sometimes go to school"

I got the idea that shes going to be independent too!
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