sher (lustdol) wrote,

You Know Your Right


let me count the ways of how awesome I am!

First Im a great mom! Thats right I sacraficed my own happinss for a person I didnt even know that I was sure I even wanted!I live in breathe for my Autumn.. If she needs something, I put everything to the side and I do it.. I work 2 jobs and go to school so I can be a role model to her and to teach her that life is tough, but its als what you make it

Reason #2

Im smart... Smart enough to know that I can't live off of a high school education and to know that I have potential and that nothing in life is handed to me on a silver platter... Im also smart cause I didnt get 5 rejection letters from college when I applied. I was accepted to Maryland University the first time I applied with scholarship money... Booya!

Reason #3

I have a damn good job.. doesnt matter how I got it, yeah I knew someone in the right position, but It was up to me to learn my job and do a damn good job at it for them to want to keep me for 4 years !

Reason #4

My husband loves me! Yah we fight, yah we argue.. and yeah you know what, sometimes we dont have sex... but you know what It's real! My marriage is real! my husband loves every inch of my not so perfect body.. HE loves my big ol booty! In fact he can't get enough of it! He loves my jiggly boobs! Hey loves my gut, he calls it his pillow! The best part is he loves the way I look in the morning... Nappy head and all! He still kisses me when I have a boogers all over my face and krusty lips.He's not ashamed of me.. hes proud to say "that grumpy ol troll sherise is my wife". Thats love and thats marriage.. not made up. My heads arent stuck in the clouds of what marriage is supposed to be like...this is it! Unconditional love

Reason #5

I have friends that love me... I mean real friends! Not friends I met two months ago that i have confessed are my reason to live. honest to God friends. Friends that hurt when I hurt, Friends that cry when I cry.. Not some superficial friend that talks trash at the first sign of a disagreement.. Lord knows me and Kusuma have had it on the outs about religion and life for years, but you know we love each other enough to set aside our personal views for the sake of our friendship.. I love her, and she loves me.. simply put... ( Lisa dont get jealous I love me some you)

Reason # 6

Im responsible.. when I got pregnant at 17 I was scared.. BUT I took like a real woman and I stuck it out. I got a job, went backed to school and I making the best life for that kid. Whats so great about partying and drinking and doing drugs.. what could be more important to me, than raising my child. Making sure she safe in her bed.. No one ever wants to say " my momma was never around cause she wanted to have fun" . Fun is drawing with your kid with magic markets and having stains on your hands for days. Fun is taking car rides and listening to Mary Poppins in the car... A smile from Autumn...thats all I need to get me through a tough day..not a drink.

Reason #7

Im hot! thats right IM fucking beautiful! Take that Beyonce! All of this is real, no makeup. no fancy clothes.. not flashy bling, but still I have guys hit on my every fucking day on my commute to work.( horny metro riders). apparently Im the shit@ Paul is one lucky man!

Reason #8

Finally Im great because Im me.. To others I may be BORING, MOODY, and a tired of hag..but you know what Im a child of God and I highly favored in his eyes.To my Child Im a HEro, to My Husband Im a Queen and to my friends I am a blessing.

Who cares if I dont meet the standards of a typical 23 year old.

Cause IM not typical I am Awesome I Rock
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