sher (lustdol) wrote,

greetings from the far side of life


Sorry Ive been a way for sometime. I've been dealing with the mello drama of ending friendships( cause apparently Im not allowed to have opinions and openly express them), but I also have had the pleasures of making new and improved friends, those who support and generally care not only about my well being, but about my family's well being, which is really awesome.

All is well on the homefront... you know, normal day to day family stuff. Paul and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary... I know, its been a year already, who could have imagined, that he'd want to stay with me... because you know I am a moody old prude...23 going on 40 lol, but I guess he loves me and thats all that matters right?

Autumn is well, I swear I have the best kid, she is so amazing!

As far as me, Im a bit tired... buts thats only because im working 2 jobs, and Im back at school fulltime! Yes, I am completely nuts, but you know me; Ive never been one to sit on my ass and expect the world to come to me. I know I have to work hard. So I bust my butt everyday to take care of my family... yeah Im very much sleep deprived, but Im sure it will pay off very soon.

OOH I have new secret weakness.. Grey's Anatomy... I completely addicted!!! TUNE IN EVERYONE TUNE IN!! Thursday nights @ 8 on ABC... okay that is as far as im going with my loserness.

Anyway, just writing to say hey I alive, im well, Im still here. I miss you guys. hope to be talking to you soon.

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