sher (lustdol) wrote,

Nights Like this I wish, RainDrops would Fall...

Dude I love the Five Heartbeats!!! Good Stuff man!

Anyway, yeah Im alive, just in case you wondering what happened to me... Been working two jobs, one still at hud, doing accounting and the other At Starbucks making coffee (obviously). Sadly is that I find starbucks more rewarding than HUD, though HUd pays more.

I came to the realization today that I am not superwoman, despite what I may want to think.. and im dropping 2 of the 4 classes that I was taking this semester. I guess I had to reason, that my sanity is more important than a piece of paper that says that I have obtained "knowledge". So im just going to take my time earning this degree. I know Im Smart, I dont have to prove it to anyone, and thats that.

Next week Im going on vacation to the worlds greatest place... Yes, I should soooo get the MOMMY OF THE YEAR award... For Autumn's 6th birthday we will be partying in orlando, Mickey style. Thats right, Im going to Disney!, But the best part is, its actually for Autumn, and I have arranged to have her birthday dinner with Cinderella!!!!!!! Now how awesome is that! I think the kid will flip out!, Yes, congratulate me on what an awesome mommy I am... thank you, thank you!

The hubby is swell, annoying, but still loves my hunny.

Cant say too much about the puppy, he ate my favorite pair of undies yesterday ( and yes they were clean... nasty jerks!)

Anyway, Im around,s orry Ive been away, Ill try to get better....

steffy, please re-add me to your myspace, i think i deleted you or something.. sorry.

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